Carpet Restoration

The Top Hatter Carpet Cleaning

#TheTopHatter we use state-of-the-art truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment and IICRC trained technicians to clean your carpets. Our cleaning system will leave you with cleaner, dryer carpet than you would have to settle for with our competition.

What you can expect when The Top Hat is in you home.

Your certified technician will do a thorough pre-inspection with you. This gives you a chance to point out problem areas that will require extra attention and preparation. Additionally, your technician will take this time to answer any other concerns you may have. We will then prep each room, including pre-vacuuming, to get it ready for the cleaning process. Part of this “prep” is to pre-treat all areas that are to be cleaned. In this very important step we apply safe carpet cleaning products which will emulsify the soils for easy removal.

The Carpet Cleaning Process
We use high powered truck mounted equipment to rinse and remove all soiling from your carpeting. These high powered extractors transport all soiling out of your home and into our holding tanks outside of your home. We then place blocks or tabs under the furniture so that the legs of your furniture are up off the carpet. With our RX-20 rotoey extractor cleaning system, your cleaned carpet can be 20% drier and a million times cleaner(non-scientific) when compared to a manual scrub wand. This translates into much faster drying times for you. If you wish, for an additional charge we can then apply scotch guard fabric protection to your carpet. This will protect against spills penetrating your carpets fabric costing you more in the long run.

Area Rug Cleaning
Our famous care and attention, employed in our carpet cleaning, is available as we professionally clean the area rugs in your home. In addition to the same high-tech cleaning equipment and skill that you get with our carpet cleaning service, your certified technician pays particular attention to the unique requirements of properly cleaning and caring for your area rug. Whether it’s just a simple area rug or an expensive import, Troy’s is the area rug specialist for you.

Additional Services
Additional Services available include: Gum Removal, Candle Wax Removal, Re-stretch Carpet, Red Stain Removal, Cat Claw Repair, Ink Removal, and Urine Treatment. Call us today at 602-299-8285 for detailed information and pricing on these services.
Upholstery Cleaning Services
The Bad News:
Whether it’s your best sofa, your favorite chair, or just the couch in the TV room, your furniture is covered with dust, skin partials, body oils, dust mites, and a long list of other pollutants brought into your home from open windows and doors, as well as being carried in by pets and humans.

The Good News:
Your furniture can look bright and new again. This is how we do it. Our skilled technicians use latest in technology to professionally remove these pollutants from your furniture.

Step 1 Pre-inspection – We examine your furniture looking for special cleaning instructions and examining the stains. This is when we answer any concerns you might have before we begin the cleaning process.

Step 2 Pre-vacuum – All textiles are pre-vacuumed before cleaning.

Step 3 Pre-treat – A special solution designed for your fabric type is then applied to your furniture to emulsify the oils and debris for safe and easy removal.

Step 4 Pre-groom – The fabric will be gently pre-groomed with specially designed brush to loosen up soiling and oils.

Step 5 Soil-extraction – The soiling is now extracted, using our state-of-the-art truck-mounted equipment, removing soiling and oils out of your home and into our equipment holding tanks at the curb-side of your home.

Step 6 Upon request we will apply Scotch Guard to protect your furniture from stains penetrating your fabric, this additional cost may pay you big dividends as it protects your furniture.

So call us today 602-955-6078  for more information or to make an appointment.

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