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About half of The Top Hatter’s customers are Property Managers, Apartment Complexes or Building Maintenance Supervisors.    Though we specialize in Commercial Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning and anything Floor related from Stone Cleaning (Sealing and Polishing) to VCT tile in our 26 year and counting history, We Have Done It All, Well!  If you have an industrial cleaning need, chances are we got you covered.  Give us a call at 602.955.6078

Our commercial air duct cleaning  is targeted towards large businesses and public buildings , which often deal with larger air duct systems and a different indoor environment in comparison to residential units. At #TheTopTatter we use state of the art, industrial grade vacuums that remove deposits of dust and dirt through a powerful negative pressure system. Our service does not stop there. You would not be happy if a company cleaned you break room floor with a high powered vacuum and some compressed air. Nor should you be if that’s all they are offering you when they clean your air ducts. You would want them to mop that floor, like we will your ducts. After we remove the lion share of the contaminants we will go back into each opening with large “swabs” and mop out your units duct with a sanitizing solution before we call it clean. It is this good old fashioned hard work that sets us apart from all other Phoenix air duct cleaners.  All of our commercial air duct cleaning technicians are professionally trained, licensed and insured to provide the best services possible.

Commercial air duct cleaning is extremely important because public places often have a large amount of foot traffic at any time and air filters are prone to becoming dirtied at a more rapid rate. Aside from providing cleaner air for people to breathe, commercial air duct cleaning can also reduce energy usage by improving the efficiency of air flow through vents and filters. At Pure Air California, we are dedicated to providing businesses and individuals with air duct cleaning that is both affordable and quality. To find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment or estimate, please call today.


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