Professional floor cleaning is essential for prolonging the life of your floors and keeping them looking like new. Our services help ensure that even your highest traffic areas are free from dirt and grit. Minimize the impact of wear and tear of your carpet and prevent nicks and scratches in your stone floors to maintain shine.  Phoenix […]

Stone Care

The Top Hatter inc. has been taking care of Stone floors on the Valley since we opened on 1987. List of Services: Grinding: This process will remove any uneven edges (lippage) from your floor usually from a poor installation. Once a floor is ground it will be flat and free of any lippage. Diamond Honing: This is […]

Carpet Restoration

The Top Hatter Carpet Cleaning #TheTopHatter we use state-of-the-art truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment and IICRC trained technicians to clean your carpets. Our cleaning system will leave you with cleaner, dryer carpet than you would have to settle for with our competition. What you can expect when The Top Hat is in you home. Your […]

Tile & Grout

TILE AND GROUT CLEANING  Grout & Tile Cleaning Are the surfaces in your home showing their age?Do they appear dirty, no matter how much you scrub? You may think the only solution is to pay for an expensive replacement project, but there is another way. We can renew the shine to your stone, tile and […]