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Phoenix Air Duct Cleaning

At The Top Hatter Inc, we have been providing the greater Phoenix area with a trusted and reliable air duct cleaning service for over 29 years now with some of the best air duct cleaning Phoenix has to offer. We realized that everyone has to deal with dirty air quality eventually, so we became dedicated to making air duct cleaning as effortless as possible for our Phoenix Air Duct Cleaning customers.

Air quality and general cleanliness in the workplace or at home is mandatory for a healthy and productive lifestyle. With each new job, our technicians make it their entire duty to ensure that your ducts are deep cleaned, no longer circulating unwanted germs, bacteria, dust or debris.

You ask yourself if air duct cleaning is something that’s going to benefit you or if it is just a waste of time and money.  You constantly see ads and coupons in newspapers, magazines, and in mail-outs about air duct cleaning and you think, “What’s going on here?”  Suddenly, ads for this service are popping up everywhere.  Ten years ago, most of us didn’t know about this creature called air duct cleaning, and suddenly it is everywhere.  Your neighbor looks at your living room vent and says “Oh my God, you didn’t clean your air ducts?  We did ours a month ago, and we’ve been breathing fresh air since.”


Que pasa, amigo?  You need to have your air ducts cleaned.  All this pollen, dust, allergens, mold, pet hair are blowing and circulating in the air.  Where do you think all this will settle?  Well, I’ll tell you a secret.  They just love your air conditioning system.  They are attached to the flexible vents, to the insulated tunnels, to the return air, to the furnace blower, to the coils, and they stay there.  And then, slowly they become loose and start to blow in your house, making a mess of your indoor air quality and then being sucked back in to your system again and again.


So what do we do about it?  We do some research and try to find a good air duct cleaning company, which will remove all this crap and take it with them .

So how do we choose a good air duct cleaning company?  Well, we do our homework on the BBB, Angie’s List, Google and Yahoo! reviews, maybe asking a neighbor or a friend, and then making an appointment.  Never, and I repeat, never call those companies advertising in mail-outs that offer you ridiculous prices for $49.99 cleaning your whole house with a 10% discount for senior citizens and military personnel.  Let me ask you a question:  Do you really think that for $49.99 a decent company will send you 2 or 3 professional technicians that are paid each $15.00/hour that also needs to pay for the advertising, and needs to pay gas for a big work van, pay taxes and spend 2-4 hours cleaning your ducts? No way!!!  You do the calculation if they can make even $1.00. they will close their business in two weeks.  First of all, because they are not professional companies, they are pure salesmen,  Second, they are bait and switch companies that will rip you off for unnecessary services and, by the way, they will clean maybe 2-3 feet of the length of the duct.


Ok, let’s talk about air duct cleaning procedures.  There are two main methods Phoenix air duct cleaners are using.  One is negative air pressure, and the second is a surface cleaning.  negative air pressure is done by a big strong vacuum that could be connected from a truck mount vacuum outside your house or a portable powerful vacuum inside your house.  Both are connected to the HVAC system and by sealing all the vent supplies in every room, forcing a negative air pressure to the vacuum that is collecting dust and debris that is agitated by a rotary or a manual brush in one of the vents.  Surface cleaning is made with a powerful vacuum that goes from vent to vent, brushing and vacuuming each duct at the same time.  We have been in business long before this became norm. We use this mostly in commercial settings. Call today and we will explain what we do in residential homes and why we know it is far Superior to this method.



You work hard to acquire a nice home and of course you do everything you can to keep it clean and looking nice what if we tell you that a few feet away right in your own home there could be easily dirt, dust, contamination, mold ,mildew and even dead rodents.


Over time, bacteria mold and mildew may grow in your air ducts, especially in humid climates. In order to prevent these contaminates and air born spores from spreading through your house and making your entire family ill, you will want to ensure that your air ducts are inspected and cleaned.


According to EPA (United State Environmental Protection Agency) the air inside your home or office may be up to 10 times more polluted than the air outside.

Allergic asthma rates have increased 74% since 1980 at least 50-60 millions U.S residents suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or asthma.

One out of six persons who suffer from allergies has a direct relationship to fungi and bacteria in the air duct systems.


Dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and other contaminants are pulled and vacuumed in to your air duct system every time that your air condition runs.
In time this contaminants build up inside your air vents system to become a perfect breading ground for bacteria and fungi. So…when the air condition turned on this contaminants are pushed out and circulate inside your house polluting the indoor air quality.


It’s proven that removal of contaminants from the entire air vent system is most effective way to eliminate air duct pollution. Air duct cleaning will also help you maintain a dust free home it will help restore the air duct system capacity which will ensure a better airflow in less time for saving energy and heavy electricity bills.


You probably already aware of the many health problems that dirty furnace or air condition air ducts can affect like allergies, asthma, flew like symptoms, cuffing, sneezing, itchy eyes, running nose and more.

They are caused by dirty air blowing around your home and all coming from your air vent system.


Air duct cleaning is one of the most important steps to assure the health and safety of your family and as the maintenance routine of for your home. by cleaning your air ducts you prevent costly replacements and repairs of the Hvac system and you preserve the value and the efficiency of the Hvac system.


By having your air duct systems cleaned on a regularly base you benefit one of the most prevalent home maintenance routines because if your air conditioner or furnace breaks your home will be uncomfortable specially in extreme hot or cold weather and replacing them is quite expensive.


Cleaning your air duct system is vital to keeping them operating efficiently as well cleaning the  drain pipes and pans,coils, blower and connection boxes. Cleaning these components will assure your air ducts system free from dust, debris, mold or allergens.


So…what to do about it?


Simply get your air condition air duct system clean.  To ensure a good service always deal with a local company, by that you will enjoy fast and hassle free service when you schedule an appointment and also when you need emergency service.

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